The best flat mop of 2018 – Review and Giveway of The Vertex Mop

“Don’t walk on the floor its wet” “Stay right there until it’s dry” how many times have you said this to your kids when trying to mop up the floor? How often have you gone around after mopping to find a lanky piece of grey “string” lying around that’s fallen off your mop? We all know that a good mop can make a massive difference when cleaning your floors. Laminate and Hardwood floors are becoming more popular here in South Africa and finding the right mop that can handle the mess, without causing damage can be a challenge.

When I was asked to do a review on a new mop entering the South African market, I thought, how different can it be? Not once, in my 30 something years of existence, did I think that I could get excited about a mop! My how times have changed..


The delivery of The Vertex Mop came at the perfect time, we had a “staycation” this December and we all know how challenging cleaning the house during the holidays can be. Kids running in and out of the house, Dad’s at home, crumbs are all over the floor…Let me mention at this point that my floors are WHITE, not fun for Mum! Funnily enough I had bought one of those fancy, swing mops, the kind that you turn the handle and it squeezes the water out for you, and I was thoroughly disappointed, it was just awkward to use and missed areas completely. I was looking for anything to make my life easier.

When I first opened up the Vertex Mop box my initial thought was “this looks a little complicated”, with the separate “Wet and Dry” sections. Once I put it together through, I quickly got the hang of it and within 2 minutes I was wondering why I had ever used a standard mop before.

2018-01-09 10-1101664309..jpg

Each kit comes with a bucket, handle and 2 types of microfiber mop pads for the most efficient cleaning. One pad has Nylon-Bristle Brush Strips included in the microfiber pad for scrubbing action and the other 100% microfiber pad for best absorption. Each mop pad is washable and re-usable. The flat mop head is a 12mm low-profile design to maneuver into the hard-to-reach places. The bucket includes easy drains (which I haven’t used as I just tip the water out) and an off-center handle for easy carrying when full with cleaning solution.

It also acts as a Broom, so if your sweeping skills aren’t up to scratch like mine, the microfiber picks up any dirt or hair left behind. The dry mop feature is perfect for laminate or hardwood floors and it could even make the perfect window cleaner!

2018-01-09 101147774621..jpg

Here are just some of the features:

90 Degree Swivel Head – You won’t have to move those sofa’s or coffee tables daily anymore, this nifty mop gets right underneath the smallest of gaps allowing you to comfortably mop without rearranging the whole lounge.

Removable lid for easy cleaning.

Lightweight to easily reach high up places (you can clean those upstairs windows now)

Square mop head design – Can slip in and effectively clean any corner

Fantastic Separate Wet and Dry chambers with super effective cleaning teeth

Image courtesy of


My overall thoughts:

This mop is very easy to use and it stores well in a confined space. I love the combination of microfiber with the scrubbing Nylon bristle brush strips, it quickly gets rid of any tougher marks. The dry and wet sides are extremely effective. I’ve used it quite a bit on hardwood floors as well as tiles, no more using separate mops for different floors. With the swivel head, it gets into smaller corners really well. You can pull the mop through the filter teeth to make the mop head as wet or as dry as needed and the long mop handle is fantastic to reach under furniture. Sturdy bucket and great design. If I had to pin point one area of improvement it would be perhaps to design a shallower bucket where you don’t need to fill it up so much with water, just in terms of water conservation, but factoring in your clean and dirty water stay separate, one bucket should be enough for the whole house would highly recommend the vertex mop!

You can order your Vertex Mop online here, and delivery is quick (2-4 working days).

2017-12-21 04-647230221..jpg





Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for the purposes of this post. This post reflects my personal experience and opinion which may differ from yours.

I’ll be giving away one Vertex Mop (inclusive of soap) to one lucky reader. Just comment below with one of your worst cleaning stories!

PPS – I’m not an advocate of child labour, my kids just love mopping, I’m training them young. plus it shows you anyone can use the mop! 🙂

25 thoughts on “The best flat mop of 2018 – Review and Giveway of The Vertex Mop

  1. My absolute worst was when my 3year old empties two entire bottles of bubble bath in the bathroom, down the hallway and all the way into the kitchen. She was super impressed with herself, slipping and sliding through the house, bubbles everywhere. Cleaning up wasn’t easy cause as soon as I added water, the mess just got bubblier and more difficult to wrap up.

  2. The worst cleaning experience I had was Amaani was just 3 years old, she decided to empty an entire bottle of Honey on the kitchen floor, it was fun for her but to me it was a nightmare to clean up. Super sweet and sticky Honey all over the tiles ….took forever to clean .
    A absolutely wonderful giveaway thank you, loved your interesting, informative and enlightening review and I certainly will appreciate this for my home.

  3. This mop sounds like something I need in my life! My worst cleaning story 🤔🤔🤔 there are so many…. not so much related to mopping but my toddler woke up vomiting all over us (cosleeping) and the bedding at get this 01:40 am needless to say it was Bedding changes, showers, baths, mopping and a bunch of new washing… and I couldn’t get the smell out at that time of the morning so although we quickly tried to get everyone back into bed and settled in barely slept. Uuuurrrggghh! Fingers crossed for the win!

  4. Love the child labour disclaimer at the end.. haha! 😄
    Also loving the sound of how convenient this mop is.

    Moms have all kinds of horror cleaning stories, don’t we? One I specifically remember is the poopnado many years ago. You know, that explosive poop prezzie every baby treats their mom to at least once! 😂 It was everywhere – I even threw away the clothes she’d been wearing. My husband still has nightmares about cleaning the couch… as I said, everywhere! 😱😂

  5. My kids finally listen when I say/shout’ “the floor is wet, get back in there, stay off the floor”. My problem is my cat! He can be sleeping at the furthest reaches of the Garden, I can clean and sweep 100 times a day. The minute I place that wet mop on the floor, there he is! I’ve even had to resort to locking him in the garage until the floors are dry! Seriously, he’s my clean floor nemesis! 😂

  6. I have 3 kids…really there are a gazillion stories! lol. We’re currently potty training my youngest, so there’s that…you can imagine the stories. Daily. Multiple times a day.
    I have just bought 2 mops in the last month….another one 2 or 3 months before that. This mop looks like THE ONE! I am literally holding thumbs for this one…from now until you draw. ha ha

  7. The worst cleaning story I have is actually my husbands recurring pet hate 😂 – Having to clean mould from the bathroom ceiling every 2 weeks. My excuse to not chip in is, “I’m too short, I can’t reach” 🤣

    Can’t try my luck like that with mopping though so need to make my life easier 😉

  8. My worst experience is when strong wind blew off a couple of drinking glasses in the drying rack in the kitchen. The glass shattered all over the floor into tiny pieces. It took forever to clean up to ensure nobody tramps in it, especially since I have a 10 month old crawling around learning to walk.

  9. Omg where do I start I have soooo many. 1st was when my helper went on leave and I was all alone. 7 months pregnant and a toddler. I would put my toddler in the bath and talk other while I get her clothes ready. One afternoon she just kept calling me. Annoyed I said yes baby and she says “look mummy” pointing at something in the bath. I look, it’s a floater!!!! She pooped in the bath!! I have no words. I don’t know how to handle the situation. So I get my phone and call my husband. I say “Babs she shat in the bath. She shat!” His response was where is she? I say still in the bath. The rest of that story is too gross and has left me scared.

    The next story was actually a couple of weeks ago when I had to leave my baby and my toddler unattended in the house because I urgently needed to use the bathroom( thank you post pregnancy body) I hear silence and while I relished in it realise that silence is Infact danger. I finish up and I rush out to find my LG got hold of the 500gr salt shaker and has decorated my entire living room, kitchen and baby brother in salt. There was salt every where. In the couches, behind the tv unit, underneath the couch, everywhere. I had no idea how to go about cleaning it. I swept and swept and swept. Even got a vacuum but to this day I find bits of salt in weird places. #joysofmotherhood

    1. Oh these are too too funny. I can just picture it . As for the floaters.. we have experienced those on more than one occasion 😂😂😂 sterilize the bath and re shower the kids lol .. nevermind having to scoop the poop out lol. The joys of motherhood haha

  10. I can totally relate to what you have said about being excited to mop, who would have ever thought! I am so glad I was also sent this to review, cos I probably would have not discovered it. It is such a great invention and I’m so glad that it has entered the South African market, I can see lots of people finding mopping so much easier with the Vertex Mop. Lovely post as always 🙂

  11. My worst cleaning story starts everyday at 5am when my 2 year old boy wakes and wants yoghurt , cereal , fruits and Milo. He pours the yoghurt all over the floor and rubs it in then mixes the fruit into it and dry cereal then shouts mess with a mischief smile on his face, I then say no and walk in slow motion to get the bowl so no more mess goes he knows what I’m up to and throws it so there’s more mess everywhere with a shocked mommy look I go on to clean it then he pulls off his bottle teat and pours Milo all over the place but my worst story is when he got hold of a bottle of bubbles and poured it into the patio I had to try run to get to them so he wouldn’t slip into it while trying to protect him getting to the slippery floor I fell out into the patio from the slidding door hitting my head and spraying my ankle. He was ok but I was not. Hubby came home to the disaster and was shocked to see what happened to me. I just said it’s a moms life with a toddler boy 🤣

  12. This mop looks brilliant! I have plenty stories of having to clean up after my super busy toddler, but think my worst cleaning story had to have been when our flat flooded and tons of water and mud came flowing in… it took us forever to mop up, as it had gotten in everywhere!!

  13. My worst experience was when I was changing my little boys nappy when he was only a baby and as I was changing it out squirts the lovely yellow watery baby poop on me and the floor. Not not nice having to clean myself or the floor.

  14. Everyday with my 22 month old baby is cleaning nightmare but the worst was when he decided to chocolate sauce all over the floor, mixed with crumbs of chips and heaven knows what.
    Took me a while to clean that sticky mess and when it was finally done, he just happened to leave more messes for me to clean.
    Oh the joys of Motherhood.

  15. Nothing stinks as much or is as messy as a burst sanitary line in the basement, and standing under it when it breaks is definitely the grossest! You don’t want to reuse that mop ever again!

  16. What can I say, I’m 84 yrs old and believe me I’ve cleaned up a lot of mess…from kids ,dogs,cats and even my husband I’ve cleaned it all. I till 3 years ago I never thought of cleaning anything with a mop….now I can’t image “getting done on my knees” ever again. Would love to have this mop!

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